We are grateful to have been featured in many publications over the years. Recently, we stepped into the spotlight of a local news station. Please watch the video to take a peek behind the scenes.

Video Transcript, Courtesy of Fox61:

In Bloomfield. Something bright. You might not have heard of them, but it’s a good bet you’ve seen their work up in lights and center stage.

 “I specialize in high-end custom electric signs and architectural fabrication.”

 These are the offices of ARTfx. And before they’re affixed, the sign language starts here.

 “Pepes? Absolutely. Sally’s as well.”

 Graphic designs of every kind and at ARTfx, there’s no shortage of sound effects.

 “It’s masonry, it’s welding, it’s woodworking. It is custom neon.”

 “We’re metal fabricators, experts in plastics and lighting, you name it.”

 Lawrin Rosen is the ARTfx owner. “We have craftspeople in every discipline, so we’re able to handle most of it here.”

 They’ve been doing this here in Bloomfield for the past 41 years and their designs are seemingly everywhere.

 “West Hartford, Hartford, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York.”

 “You’ll see our work all over the world, all over the country.”

 From high profile to higher ed. They make bold statements from a Bloomfield back-lot.

 “You know, we go to art school, guys like me. We want to be artists that have our work in museums. The sign business, the whole outdoors everywhere, that’s our museum.”

 “It’s always kind of cool to pass by and go, yeah, we built that.”

 In Bloomfield. Jim Altman, Fox 61, Connecticut’s news station.