At ARTfx, we take pride in the dozens of unique signs and architectural components we’ve fabricated and installed at many well-known academic institutions. Most recently, we constructed a celebratory plaque arrangement honoring faculty and staff who have served over 25 years at The Lawrenceville School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Founded in 1810, the school is one of the oldest and most highly regarded preparatory schools in the United States.

Working With Experts

The newly installed dedication wall features inlaid brass, etched bronze, cut aluminum, and stained white ash. ARTfx has installed several other outstanding architectural tributes and wayfinding sign systems on The Lawrenceville School campus. Design for the project originated in the Redding, Connecticut studios of renowned graphic designer, educator, and frequent ARTfx collaborator, Alexander Isley. His work regularly features uniquely juxtaposed, dissimilar materials, often testing the boundaries of our technical abilities. However, we enjoy the challenges.