An industry innovator in architectural sign design, technical illumination and specialty finishes, Lawrin’s lifelong love affair with creative sign manufacturing has propelled ARTfx’ reputation to worldwide recognition.



Melissa Boehm

Beginning over twenty years ago as Assistant to the President, Melissa mastered multiple fronts of ARTfx’ manufacturing and computer technology. Her management of all daily operations is indispensable.




A student of sign industry masters, Istvan is a vital link from old to new. His depth of knowledge is daunting – from masonry through metal fabrication to expert finishing and technical engineering, he does it all and with incomparable precision.


GENERAL COUNSEL/Permit Supervisor:


From a career in a fast-paced, nationally recognized, New York City law firm, Shaddy shifted careers to join his cousin, Lawrin, playing a leading role in a fast-paced, internationally recognized creative enterprise.




Starting as our screen printer, Paula honed a slew of technical skills including drafting, digital design and engineering, eventually taking charge of the design department. She is also a valued advisor to the president.




With a prestigious fine art degree from Pratt institute and a marketing background spanning 28 years at two Fortune 500 companies, Paul infuses corporate sensibility into our design department.




A former fashion model, current professional photographer, and social media expert, Cheyney perfectly balances ARTfx’ front line. A flair for contemporary marketing coupled with years in corporate and retail sales support her connection with a new generation of clientele.



Paul DeCrisantis

With a background in sales, engineering and computer technology, Paul develops ARTfx’ business programs to increase operational efficiency. Additionally, he is well known throughout our region’s business community and has served as the president of the local Chamber of Commerce.




After many years coordinating a family business, administration comes naturally to Traci. In addition, a master’s degree in counseling is often a valued asset when assisting the company’s top executive.


Project Management:

Gregg Reed

With master degrees in computer engineering and business administration, Gregg spent years in New York City analyzing statistics for advertisers. After returning home to Connecticut, he joined ARTfx to oversee key accounts. Gregg also studied art and enjoys painting on weekends.




Michael Savio

A disciplined numbers guy, Mike arrived at ARTfx having skills in project management, material purchasing and architectural estimating. Beyond preparing quotations, Mike assists with project coordination. In his spare time, he plays drums in a band and he works out daily beginning at 2:30 AM!



Donna Vumback

She started her bookkeeping career behind a hand-written ledger, penning in accounting entries and typing invoices on an IBM Selectric. In other words, Donna has balanced books a bit. At ARTfx, her experience is invaluable.


Graphics Department Manager:

Sara Lock

Whether printed, stenciled or lettered with vinyl, the majority of ARTfx’ work passes through Sara’s hands before it leaves the facility. Additionally, she oversees all of our mural installations, window graphics and vehicle wrap applications.


Master Mechanic / Engineering – Fabrication:

Mike Bastis

“I bring renderings to reality.” It’s a humble claim for a multi-skilled veteran of the trade. Starting in 1976 as a helper in his father’s sign shop, Mike heads ARTfx’ engineering and CNC machining. He also “pinch-hits” for every position in the shop.


Fine Artist / Muralist:

Michael Ulrich

Mike, an art school graduate, began his career as a billboard painter in New York City. In 1986, he opened Big Picture Studio, a large format printing company he ran for 30 years. At ARTfx, Mike oversees faux finishing and mural painting.


Master Mechanic / Fabrication – Neon:

Heather Abiera

A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in glass blowing and sculpture, Heather began her ARTfx career as a neon tube bender. 15 years later, she leads our fabrication department, managing nearly every critical aspect of the company’s most complex projects.


Master Mechanic / Fabrication – Installation:

Jim StGermaine

A 30-year veteran in the sign business, Jim has spent much of his time as an installer. Now, as a chief fabricator in the ARTfx shop, he focuses on the details of sign construction which facilitate ease of installation and service. 


Fabrication / Letters – Glass:

Mike DelGiudice

Known as the “The Glassman,” Mike‘s career began many years back as a glazier in his father’s glass shop. Now, a long-term ARTfx veteran, he fabricates illuminated letters and oversees any projects involving glass.  


Fabrication / Assembly:

Merle Smith

From years on the ARTfx road crew to the ARTfx shop, Merle expanded his lengthy skill repertoire to include welding and sheet metal fabrication. In his spare time, he relaxes fixing small engines of all kinds. 


Painting Technician:

Irv Suprenaut

Despite 45 years of experience in the spray-painting and powder-coating trades, Irv states with modest reflection, “Whether I’ve been doing this for a long time or not, I want to learn something new every day.”  


Master Mechanic / Installation:

Carlos Tapia

He started on the top… hanging billboards for the outdoor advertising trade. At ARTfx, Carlos controls many of the more involved ARTfx installations, making certain the end result matches the plan.  


Master Mechanic / Heavy Equipment:

Brandon Savoie

There’s not much in the way of backhoes, skidsters, dump trucks or snow plows that Brandon hasn’t commandeered. At ARTfx, he gets to the bottom of things while managing our excavations, and stays on top of matters hoisting our signs sky high. 


Service / Installation:

Benjamin Rios

Prior to joining the ARTfx team, Benjamin, or “Benji” as he is affectionately known, traveled extensively while mastering careers in computer repair, machinery operation, security system installation and cell tower climbing! Suffice it to say, Benji brings a multitude of valuable skills to our trade.


Service / Installation:

Jaime Molina

Jaime arrived in America from Ecuador with a degree in systems engineering. Initially, he spent five years as a carpenter specializing in home construction. However, his aptitude for mechanical functions earned Jaime a position at ARTfx conducting meticulous field surveys and installations.


Service / Installation:

Sergio Aristega

For many years Sergio was involved with multiple aspects of construction. From foundations to framing, he did it all… in both Ecuador and his new homeland of America. A strong work ethic and multiple building skills makes Sergio a perfect fit for ARTfx’ installation and service team.



Joseph Griffin

Joe took over ARTfx’ facility management after years of experience in the trade and as an independent carpenter and builder. Beyond his work experience, Joe earned degrees in art and art history. Additionally, he composes music featuring his own singing, guitar and keyboards.


Photos by Todd Gorman