The Place 2 Be
Express Wireless
Shelby / Martini
Seafood / Wine / Comedy
Salad Bowl
Tri-City Plaza
Eat Here
The Crown / Luv
Cluckin’ Good
Open-Faced Channel Letters
Carrie Ann’s
Donut Crazy


George Claude invented Illuminated neon tubing in 1915. Despite imitative linear color lighting products recently introduced to compete with the 105-year-old technique, nothing achieves its degree of crispness, variety of color and level of intensity. ARTfx began manufacturing its own neon tubing in 1990. We offer hand blown glass tubing pumped with both neon (warm colors including red, orange, and deep pink) and argon (cool colors including white, blue, green, purple, and gold). Phosphorescent powders and tinted glass are used in conjunction with the gases to produce nearly 100 different variations of the hues. The tubing is also available in a variety of diameters.

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